SWR Pipes

SWR Pipes

SWR Pipes

Falcon SWR system is an innovative product made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene.This base material provides excellent mechanical and acoustic properties of Falcon Swr. Made with a high molecular structure, which enables absorption of airborne sound and structure borne sound. Sound energy does not spread over the pipe wall.


Drainage system for home, offices, hotels, residential & commercial complexes and hospitals.

In industries, chemical plants, power plants drains as chemical waste lines & overflow lines.

Drainage system for public places such as airports, railway stations, bus stands and theaters.

In main vent lines in drainage schemes.

Water recharging systems.

Special Features

  • SWR pipes are strong, sturdy and unbreakable. These are unaffected by weather conditions, termite, bacteria and fungus growths.
  • Light in weight, therefore easy to handle and join.
  • Smooth internal surface which implies low frictional loss.
  • Leak proof due to close dimensional tolerance and precision design.
  • Fire resistant and non conductor of electricity.
  • No breakage and free from rusting and unaffected by environment stress.
  • High durability.
  • UV stabilizers resists damage from UV sun rays.
  • Better strength to weight ratio.