cPVC SteamTroops

cPVC SteamTroops

cPVC SteamTroops

Design Features

  • Withstands Heat Of Up To 93° Celsius

Falcon Aqatroops can withstand max 28.1 bar pressureat 23°C & max 8.79 bar at 82°C. Our materials are resistant to heat and does not release any toxicity at higher heat levels. Safety assured.

  • Design Registered And Easy To Install

Falcon is the first to come up with the alignment system, making the system easy to install and maintain. Our products are lightweight and agile which makes them easy to transport.

  • Tough, Reliable & UV Resistant

Highly resilient, tough and durable with high tensile strength and high impact strength.

  • UV Resistant

Falcon Aquatroops pipes and fittings are UV resistant offering better resistance to ultraviolet degradation.

Available Sizes

SDR 11 & SDR 13.5: 1.5 cm (½”) to 5.0 cm (2”)