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Welcome To FALCON PIPES - Channelizing water, enriching life

Founded by Mr. Harsukh Lal, FALCON PIPES PVT LTD is a renowned name in the Indian pipe industry. In our journey so far, we have worked towards creating new benchmark of excellence in the pipe industry. Delivering better value in segments like agriculture, water technology and management and others we upgraded our products from plastic column pipe to include world class HDPE pipes. With research and innovation, we are continuously raising the bar of excellence and delivering better value.

Our quest for quality has always been the bedrock of our excellence. With our engineering excellence and eye for innovation, we have charted a distinct course and are surging ahead from our contemporaries. By delivering better product, backing it incessantly with excellent after sales services, we are enhancing customer satisfaction.

With a robust marketing network spanning national and international boundaries, we are constantly pushing our reach and horizons of excellence.


A daily need and an essential source of individual's life - The Water, plays a vital role in our day to day life. The management is not only important but it is crucial to meet the healthy and happy standards of living. Falcon Pumps aims to improve the quality of life of all individuals, providing them with the complete range of Residential Water management pumping systems.


Being from the industry, we can better understand the critical requirements of water and subsequent liquid transformation systems and their importance. Almost all industries that produce metals, wood, paper, chemicals, gasoline, oils and most other products require adequate supplies of water in some or many parts of their production process. Industry depends on water in the same manner as agriculture and domestic households depend on water.


The role of Irrigation in agriculture, either from ground water or from surface or through any artificial means, is to increase agricultural production, overall productivity and also to boost the overall agriculture based economy on a national scale. We can help farmers experience a strong sense of freedom from high dependency on rain water/natural water management availability.

Our Advantage

Water For Submersible And Jet Pump For Irrigation, Domestic , Industrial Mining and Chemical Distribution. A good Substitute for MS, ERW, GI & SS Column Pipes. Does Not React With Acidic Or Alkaline Water So, Where Higher Depth & Higher TDS Water It Perform Greatly.

  • Long Life.
  • Light In Weight.
  • Power & Energy Saver.
  • Rigid With High Impact Resistance.
  • No Rusting , Corrosion Or Deterioration.
  • Easy Installation &Low Cost Maintenance.
  • 10% To 30% Extra Water Discharge Compare To GI & SS Pipes.
  • Cost Saver Than GI & SS Pipes.
  • 100% Leak Proof " O " Ring & " Step " Ring Used For Joints & Also Absorb Jerks When The Pump Is Switched On Or Off.
  • Minimum Water Loss Due To Glossy Inner Surface.
  • Hi – Tensile.
  • Non – Corrosive.

What Defines us?


Falcon Pipes constantly strives to upgrade processes and materials, incorporating international developments in the industry to benefit the customers.

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Falcon Pipes aims to achieve the vision of earning consumers’ trust and delight. Falcon Pipes has been operational in India since 1994, striving to serve consumers to the best of their abilities.

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Falcon Pipes offers innovative product designs, created using extensive industry know-how coupled with the latest technology to assure world-class quality.

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To provide continuously improving pre / post sale services to all of our customers. We are committed to achieve customer satisfaction through timely supplying quality product by constant adherence to Quality Management System and Continual Improvement.

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